Sports are a vital tool for fostering unity and keeping fit. Sports have also become a means of livelihood for individuals who choose to pursue a career in any of the sporting activities.

In ECSFA, we organise programs to engage and challenge participants to lead active, healthy, and rewarding lifestyles whilst supporting the aspirations of those who intend to pursue a career in sport.¬†Fitness is key to every individual’s physical and mental well-being. We strive to ensure that every person regardless of age, ability, or economic advantage has the opportunity to participate in sporting, recreational, rehabilitative, and self-esteem-building activities.

We work with young people with disabilities to enable them to be active and feel a sense of belonging; with young offenders and those at risk of exclusion or offending; we work with young families and older adults to raise awareness of an active lifestyle and a healthy diet; we work with underrepresented groups to ensure there is access to sport and activity for all, and we do this to create opportunity and to change lives for the better.